Apex Consulting Services Group (Apex) was founded in August of 2007 on three guiding principles:

∙ To provide Large Business professional staff and services at Small Business labor rates
∙ To limit service offerings to only those areas where we clearly surpass the competition in service quality
∙ To establish long-term relationships with clients, built on a foundation of high quality services

The above principles can only be met if we consistently exceed client expectations.  We meet this challenge, in all our engagements, through demonstrated performance.


The Apex leadership team consists of seasoned professionals with extensive experience in the provision of our core service offerings to the private sector and federal, State and Local  government agencies. A synopsis of the background of our leadership team members is presented below.

Mark Tashakori

Mr. Tashakori is a highly qualified executive with over 30 years of experience in the provision of IT management consulting services. His experience, prior to joining Apex, includes leading multiple service delivery initiatives for the Big Four professional services firms, including the roll-out of KPMG’s National federal government FISMA compliance support services, and expanding PricewaterhouseCoopers’ federal government presence at the System and Process Assurance practice.

James Rardon

Mr. Rardon has over 30 years of experience, in the Department of Defense with (1) the management and execution of large scale DoD systems design, development, implementation and sustainment initiatives, (2) development, implementation, assessment and continuous monitoring of critical IT operational, management & technical controls and (3) implementation of large scale DoD IT governance initiatives.  His experience, prior to joining Apex, included serving as Director of Electronic Business Division and acting Director of Software Acquisition Division of Defense Contract Management Agency.

Noah Walley

Mr. Walley has over 10 years of experience managing and executing a broad range of IT management consulting projects focused on planning, analysis, and implementation of solutions in support of IT governance best practices.  He has extensive experience in risk management and all components of cyber security assessment and implementation support including Cyber Hunt, threat analysis, vulnerability scanning and code analysis.


At Apex, we take pride in the fact that our IT professionals are subject matter experts with an average of 10+ years of experience in our core service offerings (IT regulatory compliance, governance best practices and cyber security assessments/audits and implementation support). Our unparalleled track record in the successful provision of the above services for our clients is a testament to the qualifications of our professional staff and the effectiveness of our service delivery approach.

Our highly specialized professionals have provided our core service offerings to the following Department of Defense and civilian federal government agencies:

Department of Defense (DoD)
∙ Defense Contract Management Agency
∙ Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
∙ Department of the Army, Operational Test and Evaluation Agency
∙ Department of the Navy, Naval Supply Systems Command

Civilian Federal Government
∙ U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
∙ U.S. House of Representatives
∙ Department of Agriculture
∙ Department of Education
∙ Department of Energy
∙ Department of Health and Human Services
∙ Department of Homeland Security
∙ Department of Housing and Urban Development
∙ Department of Labor
∙ Department of State
∙ Department of Transportation
∙ Department of Veteran Affairs
∙ National Aeronautics and Space Administration
∙ Social Security Administration
∙ Federal Home Loans Bank
∙ Corporation for National and Community Service

Other Industry Sectors: 

∙ State and local governments, e.g., District of Columbia Office of the Chief Financial Officer and Maryland Department of Transportation.

∙ Not-for-profit organizations, e.g., AARP and The Smithsonian Institution.

∙ Private sector corporations, e.g., American Express and Blackboard